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We have listed our past Orchids of the Days so that you can peruse through them alphabetically. The date when a plant was featured gives an idea of when the plant spikes or flowers. Unless they have sold out, plants from throughout the year are available out of bloom and are priced the same, according to the size of the plant.

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Aerides falcata
Aerides falcata
This monopodial growing Asian species produces cascading inflorescences with many, fragrant, waxy white and pink flowers. Distributed from the Eastern Himalayas to Vietnam farther southeast. Temperature Tolerant. May-June blooming.
Orchid of the Day: April 22, 2014
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Angraecum distichum
Angraecum distichum
Unusual stems of succulent-like, plaited leaves and tiny white flowers characterize this prolific, compact plant. Sweetly fragrant. Grows in shade, and temperatures similar to Phalaenopsis. Warm to Intermediate. August blooming. Species from Central Africa.
Orchid of the Day: June 26, 2011
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